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production from Sapient, SlappSymphony, Othello, Joe Dub, Sentrik, Fibes


in the works…

show was super cool. our set was fun. asking for feedback from the Mrs….not so fun. but those conversations have helped me teak things in my songs as far as content/delivery/musicality etc… I have to appreciate someone’s opinion that has danced on espn/ in front of thousands/ and of course hundreds in smaller venues. So my meal after the show included. Meat(Bones spit to the curb) and some Humble Pie. delicious.

if I’m on a plane I use the barf bag as a pallet. The thought crossed my mind that the intention of the barf bag is to catch something sick…barf. But maybe just metaphorically speaking it’ll catch something sick from my mind. I’ve written a few songs from my first album and the narco ana loves digi track using this method. My last flight there was some good things stirring in my head so i reached for the little pocket thingy in front of me and pulled out my trusty barf bag. 3 or 4 possible songs were spewed onto the catch all white paper stationary. I realized that I don’t like to just be sitting down and writing, I like to be moving at the same time. it’s hard to be at home and just write. I’d rather be on a plane or in my car driving and writing at the same time (more about that later). anyways i wonder about other’s writing nuances. shoots. WI.

So it’s been a HOT MINUTE since a post from me….wade. The crew has been getting things cracking on a new NMB project. TemperT still working on a solo, Well.being Solo album produced by Old Joe. I’ve got some songs that may be leaked soon but until then I’d like to share some songs from friends that have never really been heard or have been majorly slept on.

This is the first installment of my HI MUSIC collecting dust song showcase. Kelvin Zero rocked two tracks at the homie’s Dimitri’s studio in kailua. the song’s called life and he has some nice shout outs in the song. super catchy and KZ definitely murders this Ion Myke beat.